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The book will appeal to everyone thinking about taking a cruise holiday, and will also be of equal interest to past cruisers. The sixteen chapters of Cruise Yourself Slim are packed with ‘Must-Have’ information around the subject of on board food and drink and the resulting weight gain so often experienced by cruisers, the book features a number of ‘Takeaways’ guaranteed to prove invaluable to readers.

One of the most popular topics discussed among cruisers is around the often inevitable weight gain experienced during their vacation; it is reported that many cruisers can gain as much as 2lb per day.Cruise Yourself Slim book image 3DCruise Yourself Slim will give cruisers ‘The Edge’ showing them how they really can enjoy their cruise holiday, but return home at a similar weight to when they left.

Three chapters of the book are exclusively dedicated to a number of tried and proven pre, during and post-cruise techniques, designed to ensure minimal, or zero, weight gain. Devil in a Cocktail Glass, is the chapter covering in-depth aspects around alcohol and also the part it plays in weight gain.

The unique information contained in the chapters written by Brian Bruns and Patsy Morgan further enhance the reader’s experience. Brian Bruns is a  former cruise ship maître d’, and his experiences on board, both above and below decks, were charted in his best-selling book ‘Cruise Confidential.’   Cruise tourism lecturer, Patsy Morgan, is currently working on a thought-provoking PhD, focussing on how the whole cruise experience might differ quite significantly for people, depending on their weight and size.

Information concerning the latest research in Neuroplasticity, Unit Bias & Time Perception as used in the GMB treatment, is also featured.

“Nobody ever willingly gains weight—except on a cruise, of course, where preparation includes sun block and an extra set of larger clothes. The variety of food, the quality, and certainly the quantity, are staggering: how ships provide it, is fascinating, and how passengers receive it, is dumbfounding. ‘Cruise Yourself Slim’ is a must-read before any cruise, helping readers walk away with a tan, not a waddle!”

Brian David Bruns – author, ‘Cruise Confidential’

‘Cruise Yourself Slim’: a must-read handbook for healthy cruisers!

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