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M&M background screenMartin and Marion Shirran

Martin Shirran, born in London, and Marion Shirran, born in Hartlepool, established the Elite Clinic in Malaga, Spain in 2004, putting into practice their shared love of helping people.

Their groundbreaking Gastric Mind Band© weight loss therapy, covered in their first book, is now widely emulated by other clinics and therapists around the world. Visit for additional information.

Martin & Marion’s work in the field of weight loss has been featured in mainstream media around the world, including magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire, in newspapers such as the Times, Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, and on TV channels in the UK, USA, Australia and Japan. They were invited to present elements of their work at two world conferences on Professor Philip Zimbardo’s Time Perspective Therapy at Coimbra University, Portugal and at Warsaw University, Poland.

Both Martin & Marion hold Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis and are certified and registered with the American Board and British Institutes of Hypnotherapy. Martin & Marion are independently registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council in the UK.

Fiona Graham: a Spain-based former UK journalist, worked with Marion & Martin on their previous two books, Gastric Mind Band® and Pause Button Therapy® both published by Hay House, and was more than happy to step up for this, their third publication!

Martin & Marion’s other titles written with Fiona Graham:

GMB3Dbookimage white backgroundGastric Mind Band® – Martin and Marion Shirran with Fiona Graham

The idea of using the subconscious, rather than invasive gastric band surgery, to convince people they can eat no more than a fraction of their stomach’s normal capacity –  Gastric Mind Band the book  caught the public’s imagination.

The unusual therapy underpins CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) NLP (Neuro–Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy – in the form of self-hypnosis – to ensure readers actually start changing their whole relationship with food permanently, rather than simply opting for a short–term ‘diet’-type solution. Published by Hay House in 2013.

Pause Button Therapy® – Martin and Marion Shirran with Fiona Graham PBT3Dbookimage white background

How helpful would it be if we could occasionally just pause, freeze time for a few moments and consider the consequences of the actions we are about to take?

Pause Button Therapy the book is a proven, innovative and interactive therapy technique that allows you to do exactly this, empowering you to break free from negative habits and unconscious responses. PBT is based on an incredibly simple idea, but can be used for a whole host of issues. It provides additional thinking time, allowing a person to consider the potential outcomes of their actions and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

PBT has been hugely successful in the treatment of everything from addictions and weight issues to depression, anxiety and relationship problems. The book shows readers the many ways in which they can use the technique to transform their experiences of life. Published by Hay House in 2012.

Martin and Marion have in November 2021 Launched their new Medically Endorsed fully downloadable weight loss treatment My Weigh Less. You can visit the site for full information.

Cruise Yourself Slim is now available on Amazon:


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