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Cruising Without the Weight GainCruising Without the Weight Gain – Cruise Yourself Slim, is about wonderful food and alcohol, beautifully presented, in often luxurious restaurants; it’s about being on holiday and overindulging and the resulting underbelly of cruising, the inevitable weight gain that so many people who have enjoyed a cruise holiday often seem to experience.

This book guarantees that your next cruise really can be different. Cruising Without the Weight Gain is possible. Authors Martin & Marion Shirran are cruise lovers who, coincidentally, have devoted the last ten years to successfully helping people around the world achieve permanent weight loss, using their Gastric Mind Band therapy.

The book includes a contribution by Sarah Price: she lost 140 pounds with the Shirrans, and has since been on numerous cruises without gaining any weight. Her success story has been featured many times in global media…

Visit the Gastric Mind Band website to read more about the Shirrans’ psychological approach to weight loss, which was developed at their Elite Clinic in Spain.

Co-written by Fiona Graham, the book is the result of hundreds of hours of talking with and interviewing fellow cruisers: it includes unique data collected from one of the largest polls of cruisers ever undertaken, along with information supplied by many of the leading global cruise lines on the subject of food and weight gain.

The foreword of Cruise Yourself Slim was written by keen cruiser Dr. Graham Sceats, a Sydney-based Cardiologist.

A chapter features behind the scenes, below deck input, much of it unpublished, supplied by Brian Bruns, an ex cruise line maître d’ and author of ‘Cruise Confidential’.

Additional input and assistance was provided by Patsy Morgan, Senior Lecturer in Cruise Tourism at Southampton University in the UK.

This is not a diet book, nor is it a guide to cruising; this book is about how it could be different, resulting in healthy cruising.

“ Cruise Yourself Slim is a ‘must-have’ book for those who are planning a cruise holiday, filled with supportive information that will help you to avoid the pitfalls of putting on weight prior, during and after the cruise”

Patsy Morgan – Senior Lecturer in Cruise Tourism, Southampton Solent University.

Martin and Marion have in November 2021 Launched their new Medically Endorsed fully downloadable weight loss treatment My Weigh Less. You can visit the site for full information.

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