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Cruise Yourself Slim is packed with ‘Must-Have’ information around the subject of on board food and drink and the resulting weight gain so often experienced by cruisers. The book additionally contains a wealth of information explaining the weight loss therapy we provide at our Elite Clinic in Fuengirola, Spain.
As a special thank you to our readers, we have made available a number of free downloadable features, including a dedicated MP3 audio introduction to Gastric Mind Band, as well as a Visualisation/Relaxation session specifically for cruisers. This studio produced recording is available exclusively for readers of the Cruise Yourself Slim book and is not on general sale: we hope you enjoy it. Please click on an item below, and then enter the username and password contained in the book to start the download.

Audio Introduction : Martin & Marion Shirran

Relaxation/Visualisation : Marion Shirran

Want and Need Whiteboard Animation

Marion’s Smoothie Recipes

Cruising, Food & Weight Gain Survey 2016.

Martin & Marion Shirran

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